Mushroom Head Jigs

Hi-Tech Fishing

- Sound Emitter and smartphone

The manufacturer of Friday Lab proposes a new approach to wireless technology related to sonar, replacing the classic "duck" with a spherical shape, the size of a tennis ball, with three sockets depending on the angle from which the sonar will be used ( vertical, launched from the shore or on the train).Read more

Fisherman's Kit
1. Baits. There are lures without which we cannot start a fishing trip during this period. Reinforced on jigs from 3-5 g and up to 10-15 g, hooks from 3/0 and up to 6/0, if you know that there are also trophies in the place where you fish.
2. Gliders. The glider is the universal soldier in the fisherman's kit. If the water has warmed up, the glider comes...Read more

Fishing Budget
Both the amateur and the professional fisherman must have the appropriate fishing equipment, which will ensure a high level of performance. But how much do all these things cost?Read more

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