Spinner Baits

Fisherman's Kit

1. Baits. There are lures without which we cannot start a fishing trip during this period. Reinforced on jigs from 3-5 g and up to 10-15 g, hooks from 3/0 and up to 6/0, if you know that there are also trophies in the place where you fish.

2. Gliders. The glider is the universal soldier in the fisherman's kit. If the water has warmed up, the glider comes out into the water with the shoals of fish it feeds on. A floating glider deftly walking in front of her always ensures a proper drill. If the weather is worse, cloudy, windy, rainy, try a sinking, and you will certainly not be disappointed.

3. Spoons. They are part of the pike menu starting with March-April, until November. When the pike is bigger, use the more aggressive ones, like Dolinger. If you don't have them yet, stop thinking!

4. Spinner drinks. You should know that they always start a fishing game with them due to their effectiveness. It's the kind of lure you can always tell the difference with. If the fish does not eat, you make it crave with one passed by, and it eats. If you only catch small and want some launch a few times, you will see the difference immediately!

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