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Fishing Budget

Both the amateur and the professional fisherman must have the appropriate fishing equipment, which will ensure a high level of performance. But how much do all these things cost?

Rod - $50 - $80

The fishing rod is the representative accessory for any fishing enthusiast. At first, the fishing rod must be simple and not very expensive because the style and preferences for fishing will be discovered later. Therefore, a basic fishing rod is recommended for beginners, being affordable and helping the fisherman find his tastes and needs, helping him develop the knowledge in fishing.

Hook $1 - $10

Hooks come in many forms and must be chosen according to specific criteria, which can complicate the task of an amateur fisherman. First, the fisherman must know that these accessories are numbered, and the higher the number, the smaller the hook.

At the same time, steel and carbon hooks are recommended. Instead, beginners need to learn about the fish they are targeting. For example, vital but not very flexible, clips are recommended for fish with a stern palatal arch.

Wire $5 - $15

Like hooks, the wires must be chosen according to the type of fish targeted. Fortunately, wire options are limited. There are monofilament yarns and multifilament yarns.

Monofilament yarns are made of nylon or fluorocarbon, and multifilament strings are made of textile. However, all wires can be explicitly chosen, for example, for carp or catfish fishing.

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